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As a native Texan, I'm used to the heat in the Lone Star State, and when it comes to hunting season I know I have to be prepared because we've not only had a very hot summer but add to that a very dry summer as well.

I have two friends that live in Colorado that are always coming to Texas to hunt dove. They recently called me and were asking "will the dove even be flying this year since it's been so hot and dry in Texas?"

Since the beginning of Spring, the dove numbers have increased nicely as doves are very resilient and kicked it into high gear during the hot-dry weather 

Fortunately, I have a very educated answer for them because I received the latest newsletter from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) aka the game wardens out of Austin. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Dove Program Leader Owen Fitzsimmons says, "during spring the dove mating numbers were at an all-time low. However, during really long, hot, dry spells the dove kick it into high gear mating, and by mid-summer, the dove numbers had started going back up."

Fitzsimmons went on to say that dove hunting in open fields or on the wide open farmlands of West Texas, may not be as good as near large bodies of water. Fortunately, doves are very resilient and they know where to find water and food, and that's exactly where you will find the dove when the season begins.

Furthermore, if you're hunting with your four-legged furry friend you might want to rethink bringing your bird dog hunting during the extremely hot temperatures. While the dogs get real excited running around retrieving dove the dogs tend to overheat.

So if you're going to take your dog, it's probably best you do it early mornings or late evenings when the temperatures are a bit cooler. Plus, remember to take plenty of water for you and your canine companion and you will all have to stay well hydrated and cool at all times.

Here are the hunting dates throughout Texas:

  • The regular season for the north zone is September 1st through November 13th  then starts again December 17th through January 1st, 2023
  • The regular season for the central zone starts September 1st through August 30th and then starts again December 17th through January 15th of 2023
  • The regular season for the south zone starts September 14th and runs through October 30th then starts again September 17th and runs through January 22nd, 2023
  • The select days for the special white-winged dove are September 2nd-4th and 9th-11th

Remember, get your hunting license before you do anything. Hunting licenses are now available online check out the video below to find out how you can prepare for this year's 2022-2023 Texas hunting season.

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