There is a man who operates a YouTube Channel called The Skinny Pine Hunting Co. who shared what he considers to be the 5 BEST public hunting areas in Texas.

I myself have never been hunting, but I have a gazillion friends who LOVE to hunt. I can't tell you how many times I've overheard conversations about the absolute best places to hunt in the Lone Star State. Quite a few people in East Texas seem to adore hunting on someone's private lease, which is great.

However, what about people looking for some of the best PUBLIC hunting areas in Texas?

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So these are the recommendations shared via the YouTube Channel called The Skinny Pine Hunting Co. He said his recommendations are "based on success rate data and quality of bucks."

OH by the way,  if you and/or your hunting party have ever visited any of these places or have others you'd like to recommend, please send over any thoughts you'd like to add to (Then again, you might prefer to keep your favorite hunting spot to yourself.) Either way, let's take a look:

Top 5 Public Draw Hunts in Texas According to The Skinny Pine Hunting Co.

1. Chaparral WMA offers "15,200 acres of South Texas brush country in La Salle and Dimmit Counties approximately 100 miles southwest of San Antonio," according to TPWD.

2. Powderhorn WMA " is located in southern Calhoun County in the Texas Coastal Bend. The WMA consists of 15,069 acres of freshwater and brackish wetlands, coastal tallgrass prairie, and live oak mottes," according to TPWD.

3. Gene Howe WMA is "5,394 acres located along the Canadian River in the Northern Rolling Plains of Hemphill County," says TPWD.

Here's more on what you need to know via this link.

4. Kerr WMA is "located at the headwaters of the North Fork of the Guadalupe River. The Area contains 6,493 acres, representative of the Edwards Plateau habitat type of Texas," says TPWD. Get more info via this link.

5. Devil's River SP "Devils River State Natural Area is a 37,000-acre section of three ecosystems, the Edwards Plateau, the Tamaulipan mezquital and the Chihuahuan Desert. It is located 66 miles north of Del Rio, Val Verde County in the U.S. state of Texas," according to TPWD.

And this is a great place for the entire family to take a trip. If you're not familiar, we spent some time delving into the beauty of Devil's River. You can take a look at other options there via this link.

OK, and of course, here's the original video below. Let us know if you agree or beg to differ. Your feedback is always welcome:

Here's more info on the Devil's River Natural Area you definitely want to see if you're planning a trip:

Devils River State Natural Area: One of the Most Beautiful Places in Texas You've Likely Never Experienced

Whether solo or with the family, if you're into exploring the natural beauty of Texas by foot, bike, kayak, or otherwise, you oughta check this place out. 

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