Curtis Grimes' first full-length album "Our Side of the Fence," is out today (Feb. 11), and it's good. The former semi-finalist on NBC's The Voice recently stopped by the show to give our listeners an exclusive first listen to six songs off the new album, and if you were on the fence about this one -- this preview should pull you on over to our side.

"If Daryl Singletary cut this song, and put it on his "Why I sing This Way," album -- that's the how I want(ed) it to sound. That's the feel I want(ed)... It's a song about three of my heroes, that are no longer with us. So, it's not a happy song but it's a traditional love song -- about loving a girl to death."

This is my East Texas, small town, be-proud-of-where-you're-from-don't-forget-your-roots-song.

"This is one I wrote with Anthony Smith (who wrote a Chris Young's "Tomorrow"). So, I had this idea about running into your ex... I had it, and he just perfected it, and brought it all together and made it something that would sound good on the record. It's a fun one."

"We put several songs (on this album) for our female audience, and we settled on this one for our 'slow-girl-song'... This is just kinda that situation where you probably should break up -- but you don't. You keep comin' back for more."

"There a few borderline inappropriate songs on here, we have a tendency of putting those on the record," says Grimes laughing. "This a song about a girl with a nice pair of Texas plates. The first line of this one is 'When she finally left Mineola,' and then it goes downhill from there. Then it talks about goin' on a trip to Destin (Florida) that summer, before she makes her way down to College Station to attend A&M."

"This song started off as a kinda lovey-dovey song about falling for your friend. You know we all have girls that we hang out with, that we're good friends with. And then there are girls that you hang out with long enough, and sometimes they're hot, and you like 'em but you don't have a chance, and you get played the friend card... It's a fun song to say the least."

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