A TikTok from a user @joshfromengland2 recently went viral. As the username suggests, he is from England and he seems to be having a hard time grasping just how big Texas really is.

After someone left a comment on one of his previous posts saying how you can drive 12 hours and still be in Texas, he responded by sharing how baffled that really makes him.

It is true, I mapped it out and if you go from Texline to Port Isabel, it'll take you over 13 hours.

Not many people are regularly traveling from the top of the state to the very bottom, but it’s still impressive. It will also take you around 12 hours to go from the far west side all the way to the east side of the state.

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The TikToker goes on to explain that you can drive from the very bottom of the United Kingdom to the very top, and back down again in under 12 hours. He states that you can drive through England, Scotland, and Whales in half the time it would take to travel across Texas.

I find it funny because people who live in Lubbock will say how the five-hour drive to Dallas isn't bad at all. There are plenty of Tech students that will regularly drive all the way to Houston to visit their family. Just going from Lubbock to Houston is around an eight-hour drive, and we Texans feel like that’s pretty normal.

It is wild to think about how just one of the states in America is larger than a lot of other countries. I guess it really is true that everything is bigger in Texas.

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