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Growing up, most women are quickly taught how to use tools like curling irons and flat irons to style their hair. You have to learn how to use these devices without burning yourself or singeing your hair, but one thing most of us don’t think about is what to do if the tool itself malfunctions.

TikToker @kimbo_slice718 recently went viral after sharing a video of her flat iron catching on fire. The scariest part is that you can see when the fire starts as the tool is on the ends of her hair.

She quickly reacts and unplugs the iron, managing to avoid lighting her hair on fire, but it was definitely a close call.

It doesn’t matter how much heat protectant you use on your hair, your flat iron catching fire will definitely mess up your hair. This is also a great reminder that spending a bit more money on a higher-quality flat iron is a good idea. I’m sure an expensive iron can still have an incident like this, but I feel like it is less likely.


Either way, let this be a good example to show what you should do if your flat iron catches fire like this. She reacted appropriately by unplugging the device and holding it away from her until the flame stopped. I'm assuming she had the iron on the highest setting, which for many irons means that they get up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit, more than enough heat to start a fire. So if you want to avoid this happening, I suggest keeping the device at a lower temperature. It’s also better for your hair to use a lower temperature.

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