A couple of young men from Midland, Michigan, Justin Witt and Nicholas Lipscott, have learned to cook. For Justin, it's pastries and dessert and Nicholas prefers making main dishes. They have their own website, wix.com/expertchef/fooddudes, and hope to go into the restaurant business one of these days.


If you go to their website you'll find some of their recipes, i.e. "Easter Pasta Salad"(complete with penne pasta, eggs, feta cheese and caesar dressing--Yum!) and "Red Velvet Cupcakes"(with cream cheese frosting and cherry filling). You'll also find tips for spices to use in flavoring food. Their goal right now is simple--to improve as chefs--and oh, yes, to open their own restaurant! Gives you a little bit of hope when you run across preteens like Justin and Nicholas who are 'our future'.