If you've ever attended a Texas Tech football game or are only familiar with some of the school's traditions, then you know about the school's connection to tortillas.

If you aren't aware, Texas Tech has an unofficial tradition that involves throwing flour tortillas onto the football field after the kickoff. It doesn't matter if it's a home or an away game; there will be someone in the crowd with a tortilla to toss.

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It's thought that the tradition started in 1989 with students throwing the lids of their 44oz Cokes onto the field. Once the lids were no more, they made the transition to tortillas. They were supposedly the next best thing that was cheap and easy to throw.

Some people will tell you that the tradition originated in 1992 when an ESPN announcer stated that there was "nothing but Tech football and a tortilla factory in Lubbock." In response, Texas Tech students began throwing tortillas at the football games as a joke.

Either way, it's a silly little tradition that students love and the university hates. Jones AT&T Stadium has banned fans from bringing tortillas into the stands. In 2001, it even went to the extent of our team receiving a 15-yard penalty if tortillas were thrown.

Of course, none of this stopped the tradition. Students continue to bring tortillas into the games, but they've had to get more creative in how they do so.

These are six ways Texas Tech students have smuggled tortillas into football games:

6 Ways Texas Tech Students Smuggle Tortillas into Football Games

Any Texas Tech football fan is familiar with the trend of throwing tortillas onto the field at kickoff. Although the university has banned students from bringing them into the Jones AT&T Stadium, and they have a clear bag policy in place, students still find a way to sneak the tortillas in. These are just a few ways they manage to smuggle them in.

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