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As a student, especially with how expensive things are nowadays, it's so important to save money. Tuition is expensive, books are expensive, and housing is expensive, so saving some cash when going out to eat or doing other things around town is incredibly important. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of businesses out there that understand this and want to help students out the best they can. Each year, Campus Cash Coupons puts together a book of coupons with Texas Tech University that's full of discounts for businesses right here in Lubbock.  

When I was on campus for my undergrad degree, I would typically find these coupon books available at the book store in the student union building, but they’ve made things even easier for students recently. All you have to do is download the Campus Cash app on your phone, sign up with an email and password, pick your college, and get access to all of the coupons available in your area.  

They have coupons that are good for the next few months, as well as daily deals and other discounts. Some of the coupons include discounts on food like Pot Belly and Dominoes, as well as coupons for eyelash extensions, haircuts, and pottery painting. Be sure to check the location specified on the coupon, because most of these discounts only apply to locations near campus.  

They should be updating the app each semester with new coupons, so if you aren’t able to grab the physical Campus Cash book at the start of each semester, you can still access these discounts on your phone.  

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