Once upon a time, TV stood in awe of Duck Dynasty pulling in significantly higher ratings than some non-reality shows, to the point that one member’s exile from the series made national headlines. Now, after five years and eleven seasons, the Robertson clan will finally hang up their duck whistles, at least on TV.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the Robertsons confirmed as much during this week’s Season 11 premiere with a taped message, stating “After five years, we’ve decided as a family for this to be the final chapter of the Duck Dynasty series.” The 130th episode will mark the last for the once top-rated documentary series, finishing out the current season through January 18, and plotting a final seven episodes between March 1 and April 12.

Even as a hearty eleven seasons mark the end, it’s seen as likely that Duck Dynasty holiday specials will occasionally fill the void. After all, Duck Dynasty ranked as the most-watched nonfiction series in cable history, and still offers A&E its most viewers.

Certainly interest in Duck Dynasty has faded from its zenith, especially after the controversy that saw family patriarch Phil Robertson expressing offensive views on homosexuality that resulted in a ban from the series, one A&E caved to pressure to life. Either way, was it time to say goodbye to Duck Dynasty?

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