Do you know how to tell if the temperature is too cold for your pet? Well, if it's too cold for you, than it's too cold for your pet, according to KLBK News. 

Cold temperatures can be dangerous for pets. Your dog or cat's cold tolerance will vary, and just because you have one dog that can tolerate colder temperatures, doesn't mean others will fare as well.

Hypothermia can put your pet's life at risk. Your pet's ability to cope with cold temperatures changes according to their body type, age, coat and exercise level according to this KLBK report.

It's recommended that you bring your pets indoors when temperatures drop. and limit their exposure to the cold by providing a secure shelter and heat source.

Additionally be sure to check their water bowl for signs of freezing, two or three times a day, so your pet has an adequate water supply.

If you suspect that your pet is suffering from hypothermia, bring them to your veterinarian as quickly as possible.

Also, be aware of outdoor cats, who may have found shelter under your car, before you start your engine! You'll want to remember to give them some warning before you turn the key.

Our precious pets may not know how to let us know they're too cold, so take precautions and enjoy a safe and healthy winter with your devoted four-legged friends!



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