Ever wonder what happens to an unclaimed package? For instance, what happens to a package that is sent to the wrong address? Do they get returned to the sender, and the items put back on shelves? Do they sit forever in a lost and found?

Truth is, they might wind up in a mystery box.

The Journey Of An Unclaimed Package

After hearing about a service that would sell you a box of mystery unclaimed packages, I had to figure out how something a person mails could potentially get sold in a real life loot box.

After doing some digging, I found out that packages that aren't claimed within whatever time frame is given go up for auction. It's like those people who bid on storage units, just with packages instead.

I can think of two packages I should have received in the last few years that never arrived, and I'm wondering if this could have happened to them. More than likely not. I think I scammed on Etsy.

What Happens To The Packages Bought At Auction

I'm sure, for a lot of it, you'll find it sold online. It's not hard to imagine eBay being full of this kind of stuff. Buy some random packages at auction, sell the good stuff online. The bad stuff? Use it for office Christmas gifts.

There's one website though that came up with a pretty interesting idea. I honestly wish I had thought of it first.

Say Hello To The Mystery Box

The mystery box is pretty self explanatory. You order a box. Depending on the size you order, a box gets filled with unopened packages.

It's like a loot box, but in real life.

I suppose I could see the fun in opening the packages. The big drawback is that you have no idea what's in them. It quite honestly could be anything. The people who put these together don't open them for you or anything.

It could be a t-shirt. Maybe a record. It could very well just be a spatula with a cartoon dog on it. It could also be something that you hope no one sees you pulling out of a package.

The possibilities are endless.

Are These Mystery Boxes Worth It?

The website itself says that there's no guarantee that you'll find something of incredible value inside. So don't get too worked up on the possibilities of starting a side hustle with this.

Two, I'm not sure how well they stay stocked up with packages for the boxes. It's probably no fault of their own. These auctions only happen at certain times. It isn't like you can run to the store for some stuff that people forgot they ordered.

In order to keep up with when they have boxes available, they recommend following them on social media. Personally, I don't like keeping up with people on social media. It feels like a chore most of the time, and I'm usually late to the party.

I'm probably not the target audience, even though tearing into a box full of packages does sound fun.

You can check it out for yourself by following this link.

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