Dog is supposed to be man's best friend right? Well what happens if your best friend just happens to have tickets to a very special sporting event for dinner?.

That happened to Russ Berkman of Seattle. He had four tickets to this year's Master's Tournament in Augusta Georgia. That was until his dog got a hold of them.

Yep, you guessed it, Berkman's dog ate all four tickets. In fact according to Berkman, all that was left were the strings that were attached to the tickets.

So Berkman made a concoction of water and Hydrogen-peroxide. It's safe for the dog to ingest, fed it to the dog to induce vomiting in an effort to get the tickets .

It worked and he went through all the puke to try an piece the tickets back together. Berkman took a photo for evidence and called the officials at the Master's.

They had a heart and re-issued four tickets.