Yahoo Sports has put out a fan poll of Big 12 Coach satisfaction and the results are very interesting.

The premise of the poll was simple. The relationship between football fans and their head coach is ever changing it can go from 0 to 60 from week to week. It's always, "What have you done for me lately."

Yahoo Sports published a "Fan Satisfaction Index" and they appraised where every coach stands with his constituency, based on the following scale:

5 – Build the statue.
4 – Extend the contract.
3 – Stay the course.
2 – Fire the coordinators.
1 – Call the moving trucks.

The results are interesting because every fan base has different expectations and that plays differently with their coaches ratings. One fan base might be building statues for back to back Big 12 Championships but that's just mediocre at Oklahoma.

Here's the results:

Baylor's Matt Rhule and the Longhorns Tom Herman got passes due to not coaching a game yet for their respective schools.

Elsa Hasch, Allsport

The first 5 rating comes for the coach who literally has a statue out in front of his stadium. That's Kansas State coach Bill Snyder. He's 202-105-1 at Kansas State, 118-80-1 in the Big 12. He also is coming off a nine win season and a bowl win over Texas A&M.

The second 5 rating also has a freaking statue already. It's arguable whether he deserves the statue but he's got one none the less. Coach Gary Patterson is 143-47 at TCU, 25-20 in the Big 12. He's coming off a 6-7 year but he's still beloved in Fort Worth because they love mediocrity.

Two coaches received 4 ratings. The first 4 rating came to Dana Holgorsen of West Virginia. He's 46-31 at West Virginia and 22-23 in the Big 12. That's a sub .500 record in Big 12 play but the Mountaineers had a good year this season so the dobber is not down on Holgorsen at the moment. Even after the the drastic down turn early in his WVU career he's now back after going 10-3 last season even though his season didn't end well after an OU blowout and a bowl loss.

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The second 4 rating is Mike Gundy and not Bob Stoops is 104-50 at Oklahoma State with a 63-39 record in the Big 12. If it had sole been based on hair Gunsy would have been rated as a 5 easy but it isn't so he was rated a 4. The Cowboys won 10 games for the second straight year and they killed Colorado their bowl game.

The rest of the Big 12 coaches received 3's except for one. Iowa State's Matt Campbell and Kansas' David Beatty were both ranked middle of the road after seasons that were expected.

Bob Stoops, back to back Big 12 Champion. Only big 12 coach to make it to the CFP. A 190 and 48 overall record and 128 and 30 Big 12 record. Stoops went undefeated in the Big 12 in 2016. Despite all that Stoops has a reputation of being terrible in the big games and not a big timer like the Sooners want.

Ashley Wirz,

The final Big 12 coach is Kliff Kingsbury. A 24-26 record overall and a 13-23 record in the Big 12 Kliff Kingsbury garnered a 1 rating. That's the worst in the Big 12. It's a worse approval rating than Donald Trump or Obama. When talking about Kingsbury his buyout is brought up within the first 30 seconds of the conversation. That's never a good sign. Locally he's also blamed for the attrition within the program, players and staff, and his golden goose Patrick Mahomes has left. Also the defense is terrible.

Do you agree with the rating that Kliff was assigned? Is it really time to call the moving company to get Kliff out of Lubbock? Sound off in the poll below.