It's true! You can drive and fire a WWII tank in Texas, fulfilling a dream you may not have thought was possible or even considered. This kind of idea can light a fire under you, literally!

The Ox Ranch in Uvalde, Texas, claims to be the only place in the world you can drive a real war tank and shoot it. This 18,000 acre ranch in Texas Hill Country also offers an arsenal of specialized authentic historic war artillery for your once in a life time adventure as well.

Additionally, there's a whole fleet of tanks, a wide variety you can select from, for this hands on, bucket list experience. You can view them, price them and get a serious idea of the incredible options available on their website! As you might imagine this amazing experience doesn't come cheap.

You may wonder if you are able to shoot real ammunition? The answer is yes, it's a real load, just as it was meant to be shot.

How much do you suppose it costs to hire a tank to take for a spin and a shoot out? Prices are listed on their website and start at about $450. but many packages run thousands of dollars.

You can share the adventure with up to 5 friends so if this idea has sparked some interest you probably would do well to gather up the posse!

One of the more spectacular hand held weapons available for you to experience is the flame thrower. Incredible but true.

This outing is said to be popular as a birthday surprise! So just in case you were looking for that special something for someone who has everything, it seems like this would surprise anyone, in a big way! is located on the famous Ox Hunting Ranch in Uvalde Texas. They're open 7 days a week. If you want to take a tank for a spin you will need a reservation.


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