Basketball royalty was in Lubbock Monday night.

Five time NBA champion, Basketball Hall of Fame inductee and all-around bad boy Dennis Rodman was hanging out at the United Supermarkets Arena for the Texas Tech-UT game.

With the Longhorns tapping Matthew McConaughey as their Minister of Culture, it doesn't hurt to have a sports legend like Rodman, who has some history in the Lone Star State, at the USA.

Obviously, having Rodman at the game helped the Red Raiders. Obviously.

Rodman went to high school and college in Texas. While his first NBA team was the Detroit Pistons, he also had a two-season stint with the San Antonio Spurs. Earning the nickname "The Worm," Rodman notched 6,683 points, 11,954 rebounds and 1,600 assists during his professional career.

I can't say for certain why Dennis Rodman was in Lubbock tonight but I have two theories.

"The Worm" has a little "Worm Jr." running around basketball courts as a high school senior this season. Maybe Dennis Rodman gets to the USA for a few more games next year?

The other, more plausible theory, because it's Dennis Rodman of course, is that he was in town recording a television commercial with The Gorilla Lawfirm. The same guy that has Ric Flair wooing in his adds, might have added Rodman to the list of spokespersons.

If we are playing seven degrees of Kevin Bacon here we only need Pete Christy to fill the gap between The Worm and The Gorilla: