Rising star in the Texas scene, Dalton Domino, is getting a front row seat at the dos and don'ts of becoming super-famous. Hell, his first single ever, "Jesus and Handbags" just entered the Top 25 in Texas. Dude has already played a bunch of really cool venues, opening for some big-time up-and-comers -- shoot, he's even played an acoustic show with me at Cowboy's in Tyler, and there was like over 75 people there.

Last week Dalton decided to offer some super advice for any confused "super fans."

Since he is so new to so many, I feel like I should explain he is joking, but then that'd ruin it for everyone that has a sense of humor.


PRO TIP: Don't be a super fan. It weirds out musicians and it just makes them feel uncomfortable. Just be cool.

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