Moo-ve over! It happened at a New Jersey slaughterhouse. A cow escaped. The Associated Press reports the black and white bovine was running through the street of Paterson, N.J. after 8 Tuesday night. Police cars surrounded the fleeing animal and caught it when it became trapped between a fire hydrant and a truck. And luckily the lucky cow will be taken to a farm.

I think that was that animal's plan from the get-go. Showing up as this site's #10 in the animal intelligence list, the 750 pound cow evidently sensed the slaughterhouse was not going to be a 'bed of roses'. Let's look at that list starting from our fortunate cow at #10; the Octopus comes in at #9, #8 is the cuckoo bird, #7, pigs, #6 bees, #5 dolphins, #4 elephants, #3 magpies or blackbirds, #2 whales and #1 apes.

Hmmmm. I'm guessing this list is that group just under humans, but then considering some people, I'm not quite sure.

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