Yearbook photos: They're a rite of passage, in a way. Everyone has that one photo they cringe at, or the 8x10 that mom still has hanging in the hallway, highlighting the fact that you were an awkward tween in every sense. Even famous country stars had to get yearbook photos taken before they were in the spotlight and on the red carpet.

For some, yearbook photos conjure up memories of braces, glasses, unfortunate hairdos and ... cornrows? (We're lookin' at you, Taylor Swift!) For others, yearbook photos were, well, pretty darn glamorous. Martina McBride looked like she could be a model back then -- and still does today -- Kenny Chesney still had a full head of hair, and Dave Haywood of Lady A? He hasn't changed one bit (except he now has one enviable beard).

Click through this massive gallery of more than 40 country stars' yearbook photos, and see what your favorites looked like back then:

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