Coronado High School in Lubbock has implemented a new policy for Spring 2015 regarding students being tardy to class. And some aren't happy about it.

In summary, the new policy means students are only allowed to have two (2) warning tardies for the entire semester campus wide, which means students are no longer allowed to be tardy three times per class before they are written up. On tardy no. three (and beyond), students will face disciplinary consequences.

A Coronado High School student has started an online petition to stop the new policy, citing several reasons for it be pulled. One particular gripe is that a student shouldn't be counted tardy for needing to use the restroom. The petition argues that the five minute limit to change classes and use the restroom is unfair and not enough time.

You can read the full petition below:

As a student of Coronado High School in Lubbock, TX agree that the new policies that have been put into place is completely and undeniably unfair. The amount of power that the school is using against the student body in relation to the allowance of certain things is not right. There should be no reason to deny a student his or her right to use the restroom a certain amount of times. Now there is a difference in students who go daily, or students who go every now and then that really have to use the facilities. As to the next point, students need a larger passing period. Five minute passing periods is not nearly enough time for someone to use the restroom and walk from point A to point B, Coronado is a rather large school. The large school makes it hard to get places in that amount of time with the amount of students in the hall. Next the amount of tardies that is allowed is completely wrong and unfair. As a student is late to one class a teacher may ask why. Well going back to using the restroom, if you had to stop in the restroom it takes the average person 4 minutes to complete his or her business in the bathroom. This meaning that the students that need to use the restroom have around one minute to get to class. That is not near enough time to get to class. Yet the teachers and staff don't see that, nor respect that. Along with not having enough time to get places, use the restroom, students need longer lunches. The amount of students that daily go off campus even though that it is a closed campus is because of several reasons. The first being that the food is not at all appeasing. Students want food that they like. This doesn't have to be junk food but rather something healthy that actually looks and tastes like food. The food that is served tastes awful. And along with that it doesn't fill anyone. Therefore that should be addressed to fix students from going off campus. Next reason that students go off campus is because they don't have enough time to get food in the cafeteria. The amount of students in there at one time creates chaos. Not everyone can get their food and eat it before the bell rings for the next class. So with all this addressed and as each signature is looked at, may the staff realize that this is a rising issue in the student body.

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