A brawl erupted inside Coronado High School Thursday morning, the same day school officials alerted media of the possibility that a student had a weapon on campus.

A woman named Robyn Joy Phillips posted the video below to her personal Facebook page Thursday morning. According to Joy, numerous fights erupted at Coronado High School, overwhelming the school's monitors.

"This morning at Coronado, my son and a few of his friends were waiting for classes to start and several guys walked up and started beating the crap out of my son's friend," she wrote in the Facebook post. "My son is in the back trying to break it up and gets hit."

Mrs. Phillips said she was frustrated by what's going on at Coronado, claiming that these sorts of incidents are happening daily. This fight in particular, she told us, was fight number 5 before the first bell had rung.

In a conversation with 94.5 FMX radio host Kelly Plasker, she painted a scary picture of what goes on at the school. That same day, there was a heightened police presence due to reports from students that someone had a weapon on school grounds.

"[My son] called me before the gun scare saying he didn't feel safe," Mrs. Phillips said. "My biggest concern...is that after all that, I went to pick him up, and yes there was a lot of cop cars, but kids coming from all different doors carrying suitcases and bags and no one really stopping anyone or screening anyone. Fights everywhere. My son said so much so that before he was assaulted, the same group of guys assaulted another kid in front of the school, and then were able to still enter the building and do this to my son and his friends without anyone intervening."

Mrs. Joy asserted that the kids involved in the fight, including those who were attacked and defended themselves, ended up in ISS (in-school suspension).

But Mrs. Phillips' biggest fear isn't just fist fights.

"Something's gotta be done. Coronado is a ticking time bomb," she said. "I'm afraid something really bad is gonna happen, and so are a lot of these kids."

Lubbock Police Department Public Information Officer Tiffany Pelt confirmed with us that officers did respond to "an incident" at Coronado Thursday morning "to assist Lubbock ISD police." LISD police officers already had the incident "handled" when LPD officers arrived, Pelt explained.

We reached out to Lubbock ISD for comment on this particular fight, as well as Mrs. Phillips' claims about "fight days" and "fight weeks" that are happening at the school. We were provided the below comment by Lubbock ISD Communications Coordinator Erin Gregg.

"The administration at Coronado High School is aware of physical altercations at the campus and has increased police presence in an effort to deter these violations of our student code of conduct. We take any threat to student and staff safety seriously and students involved in these incidents are dealt with according to our disciplinary policy."

This story was updated with Lubbock ISD's statement.

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