Sunday night Colt Ford is up for an ACM award for Vocal Event of the Year category for "Cold Beer" with his pal Jamey Johnson. And Colt says if he wins, he'll thank his wife first. He reveals to AOL's The Boot that his wife has been sick the last five or six years from a disease called Morgellons that affects people's skin, hurts your memory and causes extreme fatigue.


Colt says, "It's a kind of flesh-eating parasite sort of thing.....I married way over my head, here's a person who used to model and who had always had unbelievable and stunning good looks, it's been bad." This disease has affected her face mostly and has been tough, considering all she has to deal with and still raise the kids while he's gone on the road. Colt has taken his wife to multiple Mayo Clinics and the Centers for Disease Control. Legendary songwriter Joni Mitchell also suffers from the disease. The ACMs will be on this Sunday night, live from Las Vegas, at 7 p.m. central time on CBS, hosted by Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton. Here's a great Colt Ford video.

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