Even though 88% of people are wearing seat belts when riding in a vehicle, there are some groups who are more prone to not doing so. This site shows young adults are more inclined to not wear their seatbelt. And, more specifically teens, commercial drivers, male rural drivers, those driving at night, and those who have been drinking.

The National Safety Council stats prove that those wearing a seat belt in a crash have a 50% less risk of injuries than those who don't wear one. Seat belts save lives!

And there's another factor--money. In Texas, you could be fined $200 for not wearing a seat belt in either the front or the back seat if you are 8+ yrs old and at least 57" tall or more. And of course if you are younger or shorter you need to be restrained in a child car seat.

Bottom line, it makes sense because it's less costly on your life or your pocketbook if you buckle up.

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