If you've never been to the Candlelight at the Ranch celebration at Texas Tech, you've missed a wonderful mood-setting experience. You have a chance to catch it this weekend, December 9 and 10 from 6-9 p.m. The event, in it's 33rd year, takes place at the Ranching Heritage Center at 4th and Indiana, taking strollers past luminarias lit around paths encircling the historic buildings. You'll hear Christmas carolers,some singing Spanish lullabies, along the way and in several buildings. A bell choir and harp will welcome you in the main building. There are dancers, and a fiddle band and of course hot chocolate and cookies that can be purchased along your route. And it's not too late to get in touch with Ol' St. Nick. Kids can write a letter to Santa and mail it in an authentic post office. It's a holiday event celebrating the Christmas season that you do not want to miss.  The weather is predicted to be clear but cold both Friday and Saturday nights, so bundle up!  This site will give you more information.