There's a new national public education program going on called "1 for All" and a lot of celebs are endorsing it. The campaign was started because of a hole in our brains about the five guaranteed freedoms according the the First Amendment of the Constitution. Most people can't name them....only one in 20 Americans could come across with all five. So, you probably will be seeing people like Brad Paisley, Ellen DeGeneres, John Mellencamp, Mary Chapin Carpenterand other artists, journalists, performers of all kinds in television ads promoting the "1 for All" campaign, showing their support for the First Amendment. And since we're talking here....can you name them? I fess up ....I couldn' I could come up with three. They are: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Petition and Freedom of Assembly. Go to this website for more info.