Buffalo Springs Lake had their meeting Tuesday morning (Jan. 9) about several issues that affect the tourist attraction. Two of those items, reportedly, are bringing back the drag boat races and possibly procuring a water park for the lake.

There are a lot of issues that a community like Buffalo Springs Lake deals with regularly. Whether or not to remove cattail plants, the manager's tenure as manager, increasing park entry fees, etc. And while they are discussing a raise hike for the lake, they are also discussing some things that I personally believe would greatly increase lake traffic.

The drag boat races that the lake held were always fun for my family, and a water park at the lake sounds like an interesting proposal, too. However, I'm not sure where they would put it. That's why they have the meetings, right?

Look for news coming from Buffalo Springs Lake sometime soon, and here's to another fun year at the lake when it warms up a little.


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