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Buffalo Springs Lake is seeking public input on some controversial proposed ordinances they're looking to put into place.

Buffalo Springs Lake staff, the ordinance committee members and the board of directors will be hosting a forum Thursday, June 16th, 2022 inside the Buffalo Springs Lake Party House at 7 p.m. Fortunately, they're waiving the new $15 per adult gate fee for those who want to attend the meetings.

While some of the proposals are fine, others make little to no sense or are vague. Some measures even make you question how they're going to enforce them and even question the point.

One proposed rule has to deal with noise:

Radios, loudspeakers, stereos, etc. The playing of any radio, stereo, or other musical instrument in such a manner or with such a volume to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort, rest, sleep, or repose of persons of ordinary sensibilities in any dwelling, hotel, campground, residential areas, beaches, and docks.

I get that you may want to have a time at the lake where it's quiet and let people sleep, but that isn't outlined here. It just says if you annoy someone's "comfort" or "rest," including on the beach. And we're going by the standard of "ordinary sensibilities"? In the current world of Karens ruining fun for everyone, we're really going to use "ordinary sensibilities" as our standard? And if my music annoys someone on the beach, I'm in trouble? Even at 2 in the afternoon?

Buffalo Springs Lake also is seeking to ban any language that offends you. No, seriously:

2022-1.3 Foul language It is prohibited for any person to speak words or phrases that would be interpreted as abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar within the boundaries of LCWCID#1. This ordinance shall also prohibit gestures or displays of offensive behavior, including gang signs.

Now, I'm not saying you should go around throwing gang signs and dropping the F-bomb, but let's remember this is a lake. People cuss. Also, do we have a list of words or phrases that you can't say at the lake? Or is this up to whomever is in charge that day?

Buffalo Springs Lake is also considering banning people from throwing things. Which makes sense when it comes to bottles and knives, but balls, too?

2022-2.2 Throwing projectiles It is prohibited for any person to throw rocks, stones, balls, clods of earth, or any other projectile in such manner as may do injury to any person or property.

Balls and "clods of earth"? By the way, clods of earth is just a fancy way of saying lumps of dirt. Apparently throwing a football or other type of ball may be banned since throwing a ball could indeed cause an injury. Sorry, kids, no more throwing the ball around at the beach! Here, play with this clod of earth instead...just DON'T throw it!

Finally, the folks at the lake think that you only need two fishing poles:

2022-15.2 Fishing Gear Restrictions Any person participating in fishing activities on the lake may fish using rod and reel, perch traps, and cast nets only. It is prohibited for any person to fish with more than two poles.

Sure, a lot of people may only fish with one or two rods, but in my family if you only take two rods, you just aren't trying. What's the point of this?

I'm glad the powers that be are holding a forum on these and other proposed rules. Because from where I'm sitting, these are either ridiculous or nearly impossible to enforce. Maybe both.

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