How will we ever get through this?

I noticed over the weekend on the LBK Foodies Facebook page that Bryan's Steakhouse is allegedly out of those delicious cornbread sticks we've all been eating since we were kids. They have currently been replaced by regular hush puppy balls.

Who made this mind-boggling executive decision without giving the rest of us a vote? Asking for the entire city.

It seems that there's actually a supplier-side shortage of the beloved cornbread sticks, according to some commenters on the Facebook post. Hopefully they'll be back soon. No need to panic...yet.

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It's kind of weird when you think about it. There isn't another restaurant in Lubbock that serves cornbread sticks -- that I know of, anyway. They have pretty much become a staple at Bryan's Steakhouse. Have y'all seen those delicious little guys anywhere else?

Honestly, if they never had the sticks again it wouldn't keep me from going back to eat at Bryan's. I think most of us are pretty much sold on the local restaurant no matter what happens. Hell, a tornado warning wouldn't keep me out of there. That salad bar is friggin' legit. Also, if you've never put ketchup into your gravy and mixed it up before dunking your steak fingers in, you haven't lived. Go ahead and do that next time and tell me I'm wrong.

Here's to hoping those yummy corn bread sticks aren't gone forever.

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