The long-running adult cartoon television series, "South Park" is now in its 15th season and Brad Paisley makes no bones about being a major fan. He visited the show recently when told they were HIS fans in return. Brad tells this site, "I've seen almost every episode. I just think they are brilliant. I walked in and they had rolled out the red carpet.They had done the rendering of me with the boys, they had catering and they let me eat and then I went in and cut a couple of voices of little kids for them that are gonna air Wednesday. I'm just one of the kids in the background but my name's in the credit, ya' know....I can't believe I got to do that." It's amazing that a person of Brad Paisley's calibre is still in awe of other celebrities. Speaks volumes to his true colors. Here's one of my favorite Brad Paisley's songs.


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