Since I've been doing the p.a. announcing for Texas Tech baseball, I'm enjoying watching the game again. This Wednesday is opening day for major league baseball when the Miami Marlins, they were the Florida Marlins, will host the St. Louis Cardinals.


The Marlins will be playing in their new ballpark and history may be on the Marlins side. Five of the last six openings in new venues have been won by the home team.

I love watching baseball, especially in person. There is nothing better than being at the ballpark eating a hot dog, with mustard, and drinking a cold one.

This brings to mind, movies about baseball, and there are some good ones. What are your favorite baseball movies?

Some of my favorites are:
1. "The Pride Of The Yankees".
2. "Major League".
3. "For The Love Of The Game".
4. "Field Of Dreams"
and my all time favorite is :
5. "The Natural"

This is the great scene where Roy Hobbs breaks his bat he made as a kid, and uses a bat made by a kid to hit the pennant winning home run. Hobbs walked out of the hospital after surgery to play in the game. It's awesome.