In a day and age where plastic surgery is not just possible, but is actually becoming affordable for not only the super-rich, parents across the nation are leaning towards 'yes' to Blake's Poll today.

In a poll done by, which is a website dedicated to discussing, sharing stories, and finding out about everything there is to know about cosmetic surgery, they found that majority of parents would allow their child to undergo plastic surgery to alleviate harassment from bullies at school.

Agreeably, parents will do anything they can and feel they should for their child, but do you agree that plastic surgery is the way to go? What does that teach the next generations about self image?

The poll reported that 68% of parents were for cosmetic surgery, while 32% of parents were not.

Some feel there is a gray area on this subject matter.

While most parents would not let the 12 year daughters undergo breast augmentation, a majority would allow their children to have cosmetic surgery that smooths a nose line or ear surgery that lays them flat.

So we leave it to you:

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