Hot coffee is comforting, but sometimes in the summer the same caffine kick chilled over ice may do the trick better! Which do you prefer? Hot or iced coffee?

Well, we can't really call this one an 'age-old' debate since the fad of iced coffee really hasn't been around that long.  That's right! It's only been a little over 40 years ago since Starbucks first opened their doors in Seattle, Washington and began inventing new and improved versions of the 'ole black cup of Joe.

Guess we can thank Starbucks for introducing the new take on coffee to us!

Blake enjoys the good 'ole cup of black coffee, but knows not everyone does. College students need something to help them get through late night study sessions. In the summer, when it's not cold outside, iced coffee can help do the trick!

So what is your preference? Do you prefer hot or iced coffee?