Tough choice, we know! JABFest on Saturday was insane!

The artists took chances on some performances that really paid off, like when Cory Morrow and Roger Creager jammed on stage together and when the Josh Abbott Band did their version of Fun's 'We Are Young'.

Being from this area, I've seen a lot of concerts at the Lonestar Event Center and Saturday's show was one of the biggest shows I've ever seen! THOUSANDS of of people showed up!

Big thanks to Red Shahan, Bri Bagwell, Hogg Maulies, The Cadillac Black, Cory Morrow, Roger Creager, and Josh Abbott Band for going out and putting on one heck of a show!

So we know it's tough to choose, but Blake is curious to get your comments on JAB Fest Lubbock 2012! Who was your favorite performance at JABFest on Saturday?

 Who would you like to see up on stage with JAB for next year's show??

Leave your comments below!


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