You know it could be bad luck for you if you come across a rattlesnake. Friday the 13th we all know is known as a day when bad luck happens. So what better day to have a rattlesnake roundup.


Presented by your friends here at 99-5 The Bear and Sigma Nu Fraternity, this round-up will feature music from Robert Earl Keen and fried rattlesnake, which they tell me tastes like chicken.

But what about rattlesnakes? Their venom is relatively weak compared to other vipers and cobras.

Most rattlesnake bites occur to those trying to kill, or capture them. In fact most bites happen to snake handlers. When they strike, it's defensive more than aggressive. Their rattler is way to communicate and it's warning of sorts to stay away.

So if you're out hiking and hear that rattle, walk the other way. Unless you hear music then head on over to the "rattlesnake round-up.

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