I attended the meeting of the Lubbock Music Association on Monday evening and was pleasantly surprised of what I found. To say that there are folks who live and work in Lubbock who just want to help because of the love of music is an understatement. If you are looking for something to involve yourself in, the Lubbock Music Association could use your energy. Make plans to attend the next meeting. Think about what you might have to offer a group that wants to help musicians and their families. This group is in the beginning phases but at the same time is wasting no time in putting together events that may help tremendously. For instance, June 3rd, the first event being sponsored by the LMA will be a musicians swap in front of Tarpley Music Company. It's was planned to be on a Sunday so more folks might be involved. If you have a musical instrument or item that you'd like to trade, or sell this would be time to join in. Also planned is a membership mixer on May 6th at the Buzz beginning at 2pm. For more information on the Lubbock Music Association or to keep track of what's going on, visit the Facebook page here.

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