His signature song "Wear My Ring" is a staple at honky tonks around Texas, and his own live shows. Now five albums in, and two singles deep into his latest project "Dandelion," both of which reached No. 1 in Texas, Bart Crow is proving he is no one hit wonder -- but a legitimate force in the Texas Music scene. And he's got the music library and musical stamina to back it up. Crow stopped by last week and discussed his new album, making music videos, the "Wear My Ring" phenomenon and Rangers baseball.

Hear our interview here.

There aren't many guys in the Texas scene that can legitimately expect all their songs to be No. 1, like maybe five, but with the first two singles off "Dandelion" Crow is throwing his name into that hat. Both "Little Bit of Luck" (2012) and "Dandelion" (2013) reached the very top of the Texas charts.

"We feel very fortunate, Crow says of the new album, "I think that record is very good, I've never said that about [any of my] albums before. The players on there are A+ players, and they're good dudes and we created it together." His excitement his hard to mask.

We're seeing Texas and Red Dirt guys get more and more into the music video game. And Bart is no exception, his first music video being for "Dandelion," was just released in February of this year. So is there a new video on deck for BCB?

"We're actually casting for the lead for our next video, "Loving You is a Crime" the story line and story board is there," Crow revealed.

Will Bart be acting in the video? "If we pick the girl I want, absolutely," he says smiling.

And how might Mrs. Crow feel about seeing her husband getting intimate with another woman? "Anything for the art!" Crow says laughing now, "It's acting, it's not me. It's the character."

"Wear My Ring" is one of those songs everybody knows. It's like the Macarena of Texas Music, except no one's ever gotten tired of. And there' no dance for it -- Someone should make a dance for it.

But is Bart tired of the song?

"I am definitely not, its the little engine that could," he says. "the only, only, only thing that remotely involves this song that I'm tired of," he says very cautiously," is when it's the only song people bark out.. Like three songs into our set, [they start yelling] "play Wear My Ring, "play Angel in a Bottle," (the latter is not even a real song) but Crow does realize in the end this is not a bad thing.

"Its a great problem to have though, and it's a blessing problem to have. It's one of those I would definitely [rather] have, than not."

Finally Bart sang "Hollywood" off his "Desperate Hearts" album for us. A song I feel never reached it's potential on radio, but is without a doubt my favorite song of his. Give it a listen.

Click here to watch Bart Crown perform on the Front Porch, including "Dandelion," a brand new song he wrote for all you roughnecks called "Swing to the Radio," and of course "Wear My Ring."

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