Texas artist Bart Crow is gearing up for the release of his fourth studio album, ‘Dandelion,’ in a few weeks. The new collection of tunes will include 12 original tracks which were written or co-written by Crow, as well as two cover songs.

“With this record, I think there is something for everybody, from good ol’ dancehall music to edgier, rock kind of stuff to some ballads and love songs and breakup songs, of course,” Crow tells Taste of Country of the highly-anticipated new project. “I live in Austin, Texas, and it’s the live music capitol of the world. Just like Nashville, there are some amazing studios in Austin. I just didn’t want to put forth the travel and extra time, money and effort that it takes to book it around our tour schedule that it takes to travel to Nashville when I could do some great quality stuff right there in my hometown. It was great.”

Crow’s first single from ‘Dandelion’ album is his Texas Top 15 hit, ‘A Little Bit of Luck.’ The tune is an infectious and upbeat gem about the ever-uplifting possibilities of love. “It’s a song I wrote about not letting the world get you down and not getting too caught up in work,” Crow exlains. “I guess on a deeper thought of it, I was thinking about the economy and everybody’s struggling and working so damn hard trying to make a dollar that they are driving themselves crazy. With some luck, maybe that won’t happen. So it’s about you work all day, and you get with your significant other and go out and dance… whether it’s break-dancing or two-stepping.”

Rather than launching a major tour to support the release of ‘Dandelion,’ Crow will continue his hectic touring schedule, which already has him on the road 80-percent of the year.

“A lot of us bands that live down in Texas just kind of stay on tour,” he says with a smile. “For the last three or four years, we’ve done about 200 shows per year. We play everywhere from south Texas all the way up to Nebraska, on to Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, and Arizona. We’ve done a lot of mid-west this year, with 75-80 percent of our shows being in Texas.”

Look for ‘Dandelion’ to hit shelves nationwide on Sept. 18, and check out Crow’s official website to see his upcoming tour dates throughout the year.

Bart Crow, ‘Dandelion’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Little Bit of Luck’

2. ‘Didn’t Mean to Break Your Heart’

3. ‘First of Fall’

4. ‘Dandelion’

5. ‘Swing to the Radio’

6. ‘Cold Heart’

7. ‘If I Go, I’m Goin”

8. ‘Falling for You’

9. ‘Loving You’

10. ‘Better Day’

11. ‘Busted’

12. ‘I Miss You’

13. ‘Wasted Time’

14. ‘Thank You’

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