Larry Williams has done work on cars for over thirty years at Williams Brake, Tune and Tire and one of the most common items he works on is a car's air conditioner. Larry compares an air conditioner for vehicle to a refrigerator in your kitchen. The refrigerator cools the small, insulated space inside the refrigerator, but and an air conditioner cools the whole interior of a car.

Three units, the condenser, the compressor and the evaporator work together to create the cool air, with the help of a little freon--a gas. Like any air tank, over time that tank needs to be refilled. Larry advises it probably should be done after 5-6 years if the car was bought new. And the cost is reasonable since it's not yearly. The going rate is about $110 for one pound of freon and labor.

With temps this week expected to reach 100 degrees, you're going to be turning on the a/c more than likely. And if it's not working properly check with Larry at Williams Brake, Tune and Tire, 311 19th St in Lubbock or call them at 806-747-8863, open Mon-Fri 7:30-5:30. He'll cool you down!

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