There's an independent film from L.A.-based Declaration Entertainment, "The Arroyo", written by Jeremy Boreing and John Bickley, being shot on the South Plains of Texas in Slaton, Post and Southland; with a lot of area folks as extras and some even snagging speaking parts, including yours truly. Probably it's because we are all connected in some way with the director, Jeremy Danial Boreing(family, friend, etc) Among the actors are Kenny Maines, Glenn Polk, Scott Harris, Christy Morris, Jr. Vasquez and me. All of this group has either acted or performed musically with Jeremy, who hails from Slaton. He's acted and directed in stage productions at the Garza Theatre in Post and Cactus Theatre in Lubbock, prior to his move several years ago to Los Angeles. His expertise has primarily been in screenwriting and producing (i.e. "Spiral" starring Joel David Moore and Zachary Levi, and "Etienne!"). "The Arroyo" is his directorial debut.
Filming began several days ago and Wednesday of this week I was included in a little scene which was shot at a local church in Southland. We started at 7 a.m. and finished around 2 p.m. Whew! The scene probably will run a minute, maybe, if it's not left on the cutting room floor. But it really was a fun experience. I even had my face dusted with makeup and the slate was slapped right in front of my face. They'll film for three weeks with three months planned in Post to edit and wrap the movie. Check out this video of the first day of filming. Spot anyone you know?