We all love Lubbock so I don't believe this to be true but people are saying Lubbock is the most boring city in America.

I got sent this Tik Tok and was honestly shocked at what I saw.

Matthew Jordan claims to be an actor and comedian on Tik Tok with his
286.7K followers. This obviously must be a joke because I have been a lot of places that are more boring than Lubbock.

Before people try to say he is right, he is not. He took to the social media app ranking the top five most boring cities.

Coming in at the top 5:

#5: Fort Wayne, IN

#4 Irving, TX

#3 Chesapeake, VA

#2 North Last Vegas, NV

#1 Lubbock, TX

You can see the full video below.

Honestly a couple of those towns he mentioned I've never even heard of and there are a lot more towns that are boring than Lubbock that I have heard of or some that I have never even been too. Obviously, this is a joke but Matthew you need to come to Lubbock and we will show you why you are wrong.

Everyone in the comments was definitely disagreeing with him so I think he just does it for the comments and interaction. He knows how to get his views up and getting more and more people to watch.

But honestly, people on social media are always crazy. If you have never been to Lubbock you are missing out. For now, if you haven't been to a place maybe not comment on it.

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