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The highly-anticipated Creamistry, famous for sub-zero ice cream, is set to open their doors here in Lubbock's West End Shopping Center (2634 W. Loop 289, next to David's Bridal) Friday afternoon (June 19th) at 4 p.m., according to their Instagram page.

It's exciting to see such a favorite dessert at a whole new level. Creamistry has been taking America by storm one shop at a time, and now we get to experience it right here in Lubbock.

What's all the excitement about? Apparently, something completely awesome happens when you take ice cream to this kind of sub-zero temperature. It's one of those things that you have to experience to understand.

According to their Facebook page, this is what the Creamistry difference is all about:

At Creamistry, we handcraft our premium ice cream one delicious scoop at a time using liquid nitrogen. Made-to-order and customizable just the way you like it, one bite is all it takes to taste the Creamistry difference!

Their ice cream is flash-frozen at -321 degrees Fahrenheit, according to their company page. Wow...that's chill.

Their ice creams are available in premium, organic or vegan, according to their website. You'll find flavors like their Ruby Red Velvet Creation, Brown Butter Salted Caramel, Cap'n Crunch, Thai Tea or Frosted Animal Cookie.

In addition to a huge selection of sweet candy, cake and cookie toppings, they offer savory toppings. Have you thought about topping your ice cream with bacon? Okay, how about candied bacon?

They also have three other savory toppings (worth a Google search): Mexican spice that you'll find in their savory toppings, like Chamoy, Tajin, and Takis Fuego.

The signature creations are a blast of color bliss, in bold greens, blue, red and orange. So many fruits and sauces to dress up your treat.

Plus, they make cakes, ice cream sandwiches and shakes that can be organic or vegan as well.

One unique feature that has captured my attention is the Affogato. It has freshly-brewed espresso.

Time to get our sub-zero chill on. A great big shout out welcome to Creamistry, from Lubbock.

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