Texas is a hot destination to move to, but the Hub City is not.

This is one of those "read between the lines" things. A recent survey says that Texas had 4 million move-ins between 2010 and 2020. This makes Texas the largest "move-in" state in the U.S.

In case you're wondering, 24 percent of people moving to Texas are coming from California, so yeah, your Texas will be overtaken by guys who say "dude" a lot.

Let's look at that "read between the lines" thing. The survey also published search queries for both people who want to move to or move away from certain Texas cities.

For instance, at no. 13, 170 people searched moving into Dallas for every 100 that wanted to move away. This brings us to Lubbock, where we're upside-down in the results. For Lubbock, there were 90 people who wanted to move in for every 100 who wanted to move out. This puts us at no. 76 on the list.

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So why would people want to move away from Lubbock? If we're being nice, we can just say it's all the temporary residents that come to school here or work rotations at the hospitals. If we're not being nice, I would say a lack of opportunity and quality of life things like arts and entertainment. We could also say that life moves a little slower in the Hub City and that just does not sit well with Type A people.

As a city, we might want to look at these results and take some positive action. If our city leaders ever decide to do anything other than kicking the can down the road, they should look towards making Lubbock a more attractive place to move to for both employment and the arts.

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