There are certain businesses in all different categories--restaurants, bars, concert venues, sports teams, stores... that are unique to a specific area of the country that, when we're on vacation or make a business trip thru a certain area we like to stop and partake in the joy and goodness. One example of that would be In & Out Burger. It all started in California and worked its way south and east, landing in Arizona and Texas. And even though it doesn't exist here in the Basin or even as close as Lubbock (they were SUPPOSED to head there a couple of years ago but then sold the land they had purchased and bailed out)... But that's one example of a place people love that's specific to a certain region. Here in the Lonestar State-we have those too. The first thing that comes to mind:


Patrick Mahomes loves it so much, he started his own franchise back in Kansas City. Now there is word it's expanding further north with plans being made as we write this

The next thing that comes to mind:

Buckees Via Google Maps
Buckees image courtesy of  Google Maps

.It's not just a place-it's an adventure. And it's ALL TEXAS baby. If you don't know what we mean-stop by one next time you drive past and see for yourself.

Another Texas Gem--is H-E-B. Thank GOD for H-E-B and the items they carry because I can't find tasty meat from the butcher like I can at the meat counter at H-E-B, and they carry our brand of coffee--EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE--that's hard to find anywhere else here.

Google Map
H-E-B Image courtesy of Google Maps

What did we leave off? Comment below and tell us!

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