What guy wouldn't say, for lack of a more common word, 'Truck Yea!' to getting to drive hot rods at Charlotte Motor Speedway!? Tim sure didn't and we've got the video evidence to prove it!


Betcha didn't know that the first vehicle Tim ever remembers driving was a soy bean truck! ha ha But those are the great kind of memories you get when you grow up in rural counties.

Tim McGraw is up and out of the rural places for this, though! He made a stop at Charlotte Motor Speedway to get a little taste of life in the fast lane!

Tim's not letting Kenny be the only one to have a little pro sport fun. He took his turn test driving the Mustang GT500, a Dodge Challenger SRT8 and a Chevy Camaro ZL1!

Watch the video to see how he does, but it's pretty cool because he shares a lot of inside stories about himself in it, too.