Now that's scary. Lubbock, TX- our hometown that lands right up tornado alley, does NOT have tornado sirens.... So what happens when a tornado comes? This is a campaign we all need to get behind.

This is not good.

You've all seen Dan Jackson's 'Consider This' on the news. Well he's brought to light an issue that needs EVERYONE'S attention because it affects everyone in Lubbock.

Think about it. How many times have we been promised rain and it spits? How many times to we have severe thunderstorms and just continue to go about our business and never think twice about it because nothing ever really comes of it?

Now think about that ONE TIME we all ignored the seemingly not so harmful storm that turned into a tornado. We're not watching the news to hear the warning so how will we know?

See the point, now?

We all need to sign this S.O.S (Support Our Sirens) Petition that KCBD has started to show the Lubbock City Council that this isn't something to gamble with. Spend the money. Save our lives.