The finale of season 4 of The Voice was a celebration of music, artist, talent, and, of course, the winner of Season 4. So naturally, talents like Florida-Georgia Line and Nelly stopped by to make an appearance!

Florida-Georgia Line and Nelly swung by the season finale of The Voice to perform the crossover hit, 'Cruise'.

Now we Country fans know that this is originally a Country hit, but it seems lately they've forgotten they used to sing a Country version. Who are we to judge, though?

These guys have hit it BIG with this hit. In fact, the duo broke an all-time Billboard Chart record with the crossover hit that had previously been standing since the 60's! WHOA MOMMA! Yea.

So keep on keepin' on guys! Hats off to you for spreading the Country love to other genre lovers who don't know better! ;)

Check out their performance below: