Have you ever walked away from a conversation and then looked around for hidden cameras and Ashton Kutcher running at you yelling “You’ve just been Punk'd” – because SURELY the person you just spoke to couldn't possibly function in day to day life with only one brain cell??!

Well that happened to me today and I’m still shaking my head in disbelief.

Around lunch time I was able to leave the station for a minute to run down the street and grab a quick bite.  This particular fast food restaurant is a place I frequent and therefore I know exactly what I plan to order.  Not only that, I already know the questions the cashier is going to ask me so to save time I just order my food in a way that will answer those questions without the cashier having to ask.  But today – this is how the conversation went:

Cashier: Welcome to ________ may I take your order?

Me: I would like a MEDIUM #5 with CURLY fries and a SWEET TEA to drink.

Now, this is where I start getting upset.  As soon as I said “Medium #5” the cashier interrupts me with all the questions – but today, I’m not having it so I just keep on talking over her and if she were smart and not so rude, she would hear that I’ve already answered the questions.  But – no.  So here’s how the rest of the conversation goes:

Cashier: Ok you want a #3?

Me: NO!  NUMBER 5!

Cashier: What size?

Me: (sigh) MEDIUM!

Cashier: Regular or curly fries?

Me: (really????) CURLY!!!

Cashier: What do you want to drink?

Me: $&%#@!!!! SWEET TEA!!!!!!!!!

Cashier: Ok, your total is $8.10 – please pull around.

I slowly pull around so that I can yell all of the profanities in private before getting to the window.

Once I get to the window I smile at the cashier and hand her two $5 bills and a dime - I do this because I don’t want a ton of coin change, I just want two $1 bills back.  Easy right?

She gives me my change and of course it is $1 AND A BUNCH OF COIN CHANGE!

I said “excuse me – but I gave you the dime, I should get $2 back.”

AND SHE SAID – “I know, but when I keyed it into the cash register I only keyed in $10, so have to give you $1.90, but I’m also giving you your dime back.”