Lately I've had a HORRIBLE time with insomnia!  50% of the time my eyes pop open between 3-4am.  It's so frustrating!So usually I just lay in bed and watch TV.  Anything from the news to stored DVR shows to movies.  The other morning I watched the 1985 movie Sweet Dreams - the true story of Country Music Legend Patsy Cline portrayed by Jessica Lang (who did an AMAZING job).

I have always loved Patsy Cline's music - her voice was just amazing - so I've seen Sweet Dreams several times before, but it's been several years.

Remembering the fact that she did such amazing things in just a short 8 years with her career is inspiring and a pure testament that if you work hard enough - you can get to where you want to go!

Watching this movie was also a reminder that while Patsy busted her butt for her career - her husband (Charlie Dick) sometimes busted her face.  In fact, according to the movie - I believe that Charlie and Patsy were separated when she was the plane crash that killed her and 3 others March 5,1963.

Nevertheless - while I'm not really having 'Sweet Dreams' right now - I didn't mind going 'Walkin After Midnight' with Patsy Cline the other morning!