Not too long ago I took a trip to El Paso to see a concert.  I stayed at a pretty nice hotel while I was there that was within walking distance to the 3 day concert I was attending.  Once I returned home from the mini-vacation, I made a HORRIBLE discovery – I left my pillow at the hotel!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “So?  Go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and buy another pillow!”  No.  I don’t think you understand the significance of this pillow.  I’ve had this pillow for 10 years (and yes, I’ve washed it many times since then).  The reason I’ve had this pillow for so long and the reason I consider it so valuable (and in truth, irreplaceable) is because I got this pillow from a hotel (ironic, I know) in New York when I was there for brain surgery 10 years ago.

I suffered from what is called a Chiari Malformation and I had such great pain in my neck and unbearable headaches.  I purchased many different types of pillows that supported my neck and head in such a way that it eased the pain and allowed me to sleep.  It wasn’t until I went to NY for my initial consultation for the decompression surgery at the Chiari Institute that I FINALLY found a pillow that actually worked for me.  And yes – it was the pillow in the hotel I stayed at.

I begged the hotel manager to please let me buy the pillow – and he ended up just giving it to me.  The brand and maker of the pillow was no longer readable on the tag or I would have ordered several more of the same pillow.

So – as you can see, leaving this pillow behind in a hotel in El Paso was devastating to me.  Of course I don’t need the pillow to ease the pain anymore – I had brain surgery for that – but I guess you could call it a “security pillow”.  I haven’t slept a night without it in 10 years!

As I explained my sad story to a friend, he said “well, have you called the hotel to see if they have it?”  Of course I didn’t because I was certain that it was gone.  Well – guess what?  My friend called the hotel and sure enough – they still had my pillow AND they were willing to ‘overnight’ it to me if I was willing to pay for the shipping.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  Of course I will pay for it!  I gave the hotel manager my credit card and the next day I had my pillow back!  HAPPY DAY!!!

Now I curious – with vacation season in full force there will be many of you that will be staying in hotels – what is the most valuable thing that you’ve left behind at a hotel and did you get it back or is it forever gone?  I really want to know so I can do a follow up blog about the most common items of value left at a hotel!