On today's "retro rack" is a singer who work as an electrician, work on cars before landing a record deal. But this story would have a tragic end.


Mel Street was one of those hard core country singers. In the late 60's and early he had his own half hour show on a local T.V. station in the Niagara Falls area.

In 1970 his released his first single, "Borrowed Angel". It was picked up by Royal American Records and led to widespread distribution. It became a Top Ten hit nationwide in 1972.

Then in 1973, Street's follow up hit "Lovin' on the Back Streets" became his onle Top Five hit.

Throughout the 70's, Street continued to have Top Ten hits and he signed with Mercury. His star was starting to rise, the touring and his battle with depression and alcohol started to take it's toll.

On Oct. 21, 1978, his birthday, Mel Street committed suicide.