They got their name from a brand of tissues and became one of the biggest groups in country music during the 70's and 80's. The Statler Brothers got their start bck in 1964 opening for Johnny Cash. They held that spot for eight years before going out on their own.

After having a big hit on the country and pop charts with the song "Flowers On The Wall" in 1964 on Columbia Records, they switched to Mercury Records in 1969 and started having their biggest hit songs.

The group consisted of Harold and Don Reid, Phil Balsley and Lew DeWitt. DeWitt had to leave the group in 1982 because of Crohn's disease. It was the cause of his death in 1990. Jimmy Fortune would replace DeWitt and would be feature on the remaining hit songs the group would have through the 80's.

In 2002, the Statlers retired from the road.

Looking back at the 70's, the Statlers had many hit songs dealing with nostalgia. One of the best was "Do You Remember These" on today's "retro rack".